18-Foot Millennium Falcon Is The Exact Replica You'd Kill To Own


Toy collectors know the Hong Kong-based brand Hot Toys as a maker of 12-inch collectible figures of incredible detail. Many of their recreations are so perfectly captured, you could easily think you're looking at a photograph of the character in question if you didn't know better. (Proof: check out their Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, or Chewbacca.)

Hot Toys' figures are made at 1/6th scale, which is pretty big for an action figure but a standard size for collectibles. Have you ever wondered what a vehicle toy would be like that's created at the same scale, so that a 1/6th figure could fit inside it? The company decided to find out, but didn't pick any old vehicle as its test subject.

Hot Toys picked the Millennium Falcon.

The Falcon is a huge spaceship, so a 1/6th scale Falcon is enormous — far too big for Hot Toys to manufacture on a regular basis. How big, you ask? Try eighteen feet from bow to stern and twelve feet wide.

The massive creation is on display at the Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong 2015 convention, which kicks off on July 24. Some sneaky photographers already managed to get a few shots of the Falcon as it was being set up at the Hot Toys booth, so we can all marvel at its spectacular quality.

The model appears to be on display alongside a number of Stormtroopers and a Darth Vader figure, to accurately show its perfect match in scale. A pair of equally accurate scale models of TIE Fighters can be seen behind the Falcon in this picture.

Hot Toys has not announced any plans to make the Millennium Falcon available for sale, likely due to the man hours required to create it and the exorbitant price tag it would sell for. There are several more images of its preparation at ACGHK 2015 available to view at Toyark.

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