When Heroes Reborn lands this fall, fans are going to discover that the story picks back up in a very different world.

In the series finale, Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) unveiled the existence of superpowered people to the world by displaying her ability to heal on a television news camera. That was way back in February of 2010.

Five and a half years later, the entire world knows the existence of powered people and even has a term for them: "EVOs." It's short for "evolved humans," and it's a name that's extremely divisive. EVOs are loved by some but feared by the rest (sound familiar?), and the series will find some of them being hunted.

Before the show premieres in September, NBC is giving fans a little treat in the form of a six-episode web series prequel called Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters. It follows the story of a college student named Phoebe who discovers that she has the ability to manipulate light and shadow. Things turn dangerous (as always) and soon she gets the attention of a company with ambiguous goals.

The first episode of Dark Matters is online right now (you can watch it below), but to see the rest, you'll need a smartphone or tablet. Download the Heroes Reborn app for iOS or Android for free to view the five subsequent episodes and see how Phoebe's story unfolds.

NBC is where you'll find Heroes Reborn beginning September 24, 2015.

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