The Mansion at Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa in Sausalito, California is offering what could be a fine example that sky is indeed the limit when it comes to service and hospitality. The hotel how offers champagne deliveries using drones.

The new drone delivery system is available for high rollers and deep-pocketed guests planning to book the grand Alexandria Suite worth $10,000 a night or at the entire 11-bedroom mansion for $25,000 a night.

The octo-copter drone will deliver champagne to the two-tiered deck of the mansion. The custom-made drone can bring up in the air three champagne bottles and deliver it safely just the same.

"We were brainstorming fun ways for luxury travelers coming through," Lindsay Weightman, hotel spokeswoman, narrated to the Daily News. "One thing kind of led to another and the champagne drone drop was born!"

Though the drone delivery is free of charge as part of the suite rental fees, each bottle of chilled champagne will have to be paid separately. The cost of drone deliveries may also depend on the number of champagne bottles and drones required by the guests. In terms of tipping the drone - just like a regular wait staff, Weightman says it "only accepts stock tips."

The Alexandria Suite sits on a 5,000-square-foot lot. The hotel & spa has breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline and Richardson Bay. Notable personalities who previously stayed at the hotel include Pink Floyd, who were doing their first US concert tour in 1967 to promote the album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. A suite dubbed the Piper Room was even dedicated to the popular band.

The hotel re-opened on May 6, after undergoing renovations. It was, however, built in 1885 by W.G. Barrett, formerly secretary-treasurer at the San Francisco Gas and Electric Company.

Apparently, Casa Madrona is reinventing itself to continually entertain its rich and famous clientele. It is further looking into the possibility of constructing more custom mini-drones that will deliver cookies and other added comforts to its guests, especially to those who are not up for any champagne.

Drone use has been on the rise in recent years. While others look at it as a flying robot used for military activities, the rest of the world sees it as something that should be used for more practical tasks.

As of Friday, Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa is said to be eagerly waiting the first orders of its custom made drones.

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