Mozilla will begin testing a new program next month that includes changes and potential new features, asking Firefox users to try it out and give feedback.

Called "Idea Town," the new program will facilitate tests on new features such as vertical tabs, additional information in browser tabs called tab badging, and tab snoozing, which would let users chose when a specific tab should go away and come back to clear up the amount of tabs open at a single time.

"Idea Town is an opt-in platform for Firefox that facilitates controlled tests of new, high-visibility products in the general release channel," Mozilla said in a GitHub page for the project. "Idea Town will allow us to make informed and user-tested product decisions quickly and without compromising user privacy or experience."

Typically, developers and designers make the final call on new features and work out any bugs, but this new program will allow the open-source developer to listen to user's feedback before deciding whether or not to add the features to the 18-week development cycle.

"Idea Town is not intended to replace [release] trains for most features, nor is it a testbed for concepts we do not believe have a strong chance of shipping in general release," said Mozilla in a document released to the public. "Rather, it is reserved for features that require user-feedback, testing and tuning before they ship with the browser."

The main goal of the program is to allow Mozilla to take risks with product concepts, while being able to create a "single service experience Firefox users interested in trying out cutting edge features."

When the features are fleshed out, users will be able to add themselves to the testing program, or opt to drop out.

Idea Town will launch on Aug. 11 with the release of Firefox 40. Users will see the Idea Town teaser on the tab page, with the choice to opt-in. New features will then be added for Firefox 41's Sept. 21 launch, with the entire program being completed by Nov. 3.

Via: PC World

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

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