Before Peter Parker was Spider-Man, he was a seemingly normal high school student with great power and great responsibility. Now, Marvel hopes to tell more of that Peter's story in Spidey, a new ongoing comic book series about his life as a high school student.

Marvel announced the new Spidey title today as part of its "All-New All-Different Marvel" promotion that it launched earlier this year. The new series follows the adventures of Peter Parker as a teenager with writer Robbie Thompson (the Supernatural TV series, Silk) and artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine and the X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy) on board.

"Out of the 700+ issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker was only in high school for thirty issues!" said Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe in a press release. "Stan and Steve covered a lot, but there's a lot of the high school and early super hero experience still on the table."

Marvel promises a lot of familiar faces, but also new characters in this world created for Peter Parker as he balances life as a high school student with life as Spider-Man.

It seems that Spider-Man is hotter than ever. Marvel already announced new relaunches of Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. The character will also put in appearances in Marvel's upcoming series Uncanny Avengers and Web Warriors. There is also a new Spider-Man film in the works.

The new Spidey comic book hopes to capitalize on that success by revisiting Spider-Man's origin story for longtime fans and new readers.

"Everyone remembers their first Spider-Man comic," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in a press release. "Spidey  aims to be perfect as someone's first Spider-Man comic, or their one thousandth. We're not looking to re-tell stories here. What Robbie and Nick have put together is an exciting new take on Spider-Man at his arguably most iconic incarnation, and will feel fresh to new and old fans alike."

Expect Spidey #1 to hit stores and online later this year, in the fall.

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