Clash Of Clans Update Gives Gamers One Gem Boost For A Week: Here Are The Details


Clash of Clans is celebrating its three-year anniversary with a neat update that just went live, offering one Gem boost for a whole week.

Attracting fans worldwide, Clash of Clans has proved to be quite popular since its debut, with the number of users increasing on a daily basis.

Supercell recently did some maintenance on the game to ensure that users can enjoy a smooth experience. It went back on in no time, with Clash of Clans working like a charm. Moreover, a new spell factory involving dark elixir will make things more interesting.

To celebrate Clash of Clans turning three on August 2, the update, which was announced early on Friday, July 31, allows users to build up their resources with a free gem. The offer will be available through the week.

The announcement further touts that Clash of Clans has been widely successful, becoming the No. 1 mobile game and changing "the way mobile gaming works." The game is now 10 times bigger in terms of both functions and players in comparison with when it launched.

With the latest gem boost offer, Clash of Clans players with a level nine Town Hall can boost production to twice the amount in six gold mines, six elixir collectors and two dark elixir drills with 14 gems — while more advanced players with a level nine Town Hall can double production at seven gold mines, seven elixir collections and three dark elixir drills with just 17 gems. Once users spend those gems to kick off the boost, the one-week timer starts on each of the collectors, showing users when the doubled production will reach its end.

"The first step in the process is starting an upgrade on whichever Mine, Collector, or Drill you want to boost again —this is where max level Mines, Collectors, and Drills cause a problem," explains a post on the game's website.

It points out that the boost will end when you start an upgrade on a boosted mine, collector or drill — and timing is of the essence: "You will want to do this step at the last moment possible, but before the 1 Gem boost option disappears, in order to maximize your profit."

Excited users have already taken to the Supercell forums to discuss the new gem boost and it seems that this new offer is a hit among Clash of Clans fans.

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