Imagine dropping your smartphones into a toaster as if they were breakfast.

The thought obviously crossed the mind of the maker of the Foaster, a new toaster that charges cell phones and tablets in one convenient docking station. The Foaster, from Covena Design, allows either four smartphones or a combination of two smartphones and two tablets to be charged at the same time at up to 2.4 amps each. Feeling all charged up yet?

The Foaster accommodates the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 and most of their respective older models before. Apple's old 30-pin connector, lighting ports and microUSB can all be used to connect older devices. For any devices that don't work with the unit, Foaster will offer adaptive cables.

The design is nifty in the sense that two smartphones can fit right into the main loading slots, but by simply pushing down on the docking station's lever, the unit splits apart, offering two more charging spots. Those extra slots are ideally meant for larger smartphones or phablets or simply two tablets.

While charging, smartphones stick out enough that users can still read incoming text messages, alerts and reminders. Since it's one unit, users will also avoid their kitchen counters, living rooms or bedrooms turning into a wired-entangled mess.

The product's website doesn't reveal a release date as of press time, but does vow that the "Foaster is coming soon." In the meantime, one can fill out a brief form with their name, email address and how they found out about the product to stay informed on how to purchase one.

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