Destiny players are already buzzing about The Taken King, the online persistent world's next expansion pack. Basically Destiny 1.5, this $40 DLC contains a ton of new content, including a new campaign, a new Raid, new Strikes, two new competitive modes, major new Guardian abilities, a new location, new enemies, new loot and customizations and more.

It's also ditching the controversial gear-based level system.

While gamers anxiously await the chance to get their hands on the new content, the biggest hype seems to be surrounding the new environment — the massive Dreadnaught spaceship. The Dreadnaught is the flagship of Oryx, The Taken King's big villain, and Bungie's promotional materials describe the vessel as "a mysterious, loot-filled fortress."

The story – never Destiny's strong suit, though the last expansion pack was a big step in the right direction – goes that Oryx has come to our solar system, and he's positively seething in his desire for vengeance. You see, Crota –villain of the first expansion pack – was Oryx's son. And now this massive, god-like alien is building an army by corrupting other alien races, transforming them into his "Taken."

Needless to say, some really big fights are on the docket.

Non-Destiny players will probably get nothing out of it, but for the faithful, this new trailer will function as a rallying cry, a pulse-pounding call to action.

Destiny: The Taken King will be available on September 15 as an add-on download for owners of the game, and be available in stores as a bundle of the original game and all three expansion packs. This bundle, the Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition will retail for $59.99.

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