WhatsApp for iOS devices has been updated to include several new features for the Facebook-owned messaging service.

The new version of WhatsApp, specifically version 2.12.5, adds the ability for users to customize or mute notifications for each chat. Users can choose specific ringtones, length of vibration, LED light notifications and popup notifications for certain users.

WhatsApp is also now allowing videos in the backups of chats. This backup feature can be accessed by going to the app's Settings menu, then tapping on the Chats and Calls menu and then on the Chat Backup menu. Videos will now be listed, and users can choose to automatically back up videos while connected to either a Wi-Fi network or a cellular network.

With the update, users can now also mark chats as either read or unread by swiping to the right, a functionality that looks like it drew inspiration from the read and unread messages and notifications on Facebook.

WhatsApp will also now allow users to directly share their contacts from the Contacts app and locations from the Apple Maps app of their iOS devices to WhatsApp.

Users can now also lower the data usage that is being consumed by calls made through WhatsApp through another option under the Chats and Calls Menu of the app's Settings.

Lastly, the update will also make messages received earlier automatically load upon scrolling through chats, improve the design for cropping pictures and videos and use a large map thumbnail for location messages.

WhatsApp is currently going through some major changes, with one of the more significant ones being the addition of voice calling to the messaging service. WhatsApp rolled out the feature to both Android and iOS devices earlier in the year, allowing users to use their cellular data to make calls as opposed to being charged for the carrier's call costs.

Another new feature for WhatsApp was introduced by Google, which is now allowing users to dictate the messages that they want to send through the messaging service using Google Now.

In addition to WhatsApp, other messaging services that can utilize Google Now's dictation feature are WeChat, Viber, Telegram and NextPlus.

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