Google wants to show its YouTube users that they are important. To do that, Google has announced it will let users have access to a Creator Preview video series that allows them to keep abreast of recent news and happenings on the video sharing site. The first video shows a number of soon-to-be-released features for YouTube that Google is developing.

The new options will have a creator-focused management app and also introduce revenue options with direct channel donations and crowdsourcing captions that feature over 60 languages. The move is widely seen as the next evolutionary step for Google and YouTube to deliver more functionality and options to users on the video sharing site.

While the short video published by Google doesn't give much details of the creator app, it does allude to the idea that it will deliver better feedback for creators on the site to have greater access.

According to reports, the proposed donation button will be close to the one Vimeo has already established, but would also be completely YouTube-focused and would allow users to elicit money from direct audience members of their channel. Add in the language options and users could be able to reach a much wider audience than previously able.

"We saw creators struggling a lot with not being able to do basic YouTube management stuff on their phone," YouTube designer Molly Nix said in the video. "We saw this as a really great opportunity for us to build something that you guys can use on the go and manage your channel anywhere you are."

It does appear, however, that while the media and press surrounding the video release has been overwhelmingly interested, there has been no formal timetable for rolling out the new features. YouTube said it will deliver more information in "the coming months."

Still, with users now able to have greater control over creating videos and channels, as well as going after crowdsourcing for their endeavors, Google has signaled that it believes YouTube to be a massive money making opportunity, for the Silicon Valley-based company and for users who are daily uploading content to the site.

It should help make YouTube move into new arenas that it had previously not gone after.

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