A lot of buzz is surrounding the imminent release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. With no official announcement from Microsoft, however, the intrawebs are left to speculate what could be expected in the new addition to the Surface family quite possibly coming out as soon as October.

According to some reports, most notably from The Verge's Tom Warren, the new MS Surface Pro 4 is expected to come with Skylake on board and have the first major Windows 10 upgrade.

He is so excited about the new Surface Pro 4 that he even encourages one of his Twitter followers to cancel his order for a new Surface Pro 3 and wait for the 4.

What exactly does Microsoft have in store that has everyone all worked up? If rumors prove to be true, the Surface Pro 4 is going to be one heavy hitter in the tablet market.

Among the speculated features, the MS Surface Pro 4 is said to come in 12-inch and 14-inch variants. The high-end variant of the tablet will reportedly cost around $1,300 and boast a 4K resolution screen and 16 GB of RAM.

The base model isn't expected to be too shabby either. Set to retail at around $500, it is expected to be a great starter tablet with 4 GB of RAM, 8,600 mAh of battery juice, Type-C USB ports and an HDMI port thrown in "just for kicks," claim reports.

That's not bad, considering its predecessor, the Surface Pro 3, is powered by fourth-generation Intel Core processors and only have USB 3.0 for its ports.

Get ready for October when the Surface Pro 4 is said to be making its grand debut.

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