Adventure Time is one of those animated series that adults love obsessing about: what's not to love when you've got a cartoon heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, right?

At some point, artist and musician Ryan May got the idea to cross Adventure Time with Mad Max: Fury Road, and created some gorgeous illustrations showing what that might look like. A new video by YouTuber Egor Zhgun took it one step further by animating that idea and creating "Madventure Time," which features an actual voiceover from one of the Mad Max: Fury Road trailers.

The result is a very interesting fantastical take on the world of Mad Max: Fury Road — and strangely enough, the Adventure Time hand-drawn animation style seems to fit the narration.

That's not all, though — Zhgun created animated GIFs from the animation for anyone to grab and use with abandon. Those are available on the artist's Tumblr.

Zhgun is also responsible for the Game of Thrones "Dumb Ways To Die" animated video, if you want to check out his other work.

Adventure Time airs on Cartoon Network and will probably keep going for some time — it's one of the most successful shows on the network and has received praise from both viewers and critics alike. Adventure Time has also won a score of awards, including two Primetime Emmys.

Meanwhile, Mad Max: Fury Road has taken in over $150 million in North America since its release in May and shows no signs of stopping, having made more than $350 million worldwide. The film received a whopping 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics praising the acting and story.

The film's success has firmly brought back the Mad Max franchise, and there's even a highly anticipated video game (although it's not related to the film) releasing next month.

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