George Lucas left the world of Star Wars behind when he retired in 2012 and sold Lucasfilm to Disney. These days, all things Skywalker-related are in the capable hands of Kathleen Kennedy, who's shepherding the franchise into exciting new territory.

Despite his non-involvement with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: Rogue One and everything else that's happening now or on the way soon, he will always be The Man Who Created Star Wars. That fact alone makes him not just a legend, but a full-fledged geek god.

So, it seems entirely appropriate that the official Star Wars app has added a new character emoji for your use in the form of George Lucas' face.

If you missed it, last month, Disney launched an official, all-in-one Star Wars app. It's a one-stop hub for news, videos, animated GIFs, selfie templates, lightsaber training, a sound board and more. It even displays your current weather in terms of what Star Wars planet it feels like. Included in the app is a selection of adorable emojis that you can copy and paste into text messages, tweets or what have you.

Emojis already available were largely faces of popular characters (including several from The Force Awakens), vehicles and a handful of lightsabers. Lucas is the first real-world figure to be added to the Star Wars emoji collection.

The official Star Wars app is a free download for iOS and Android.

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