Edgar Mitchell was an astronaut aboard Apollo 14, and now, the pioneering space traveler is claiming that aliens saved Earth from a nuclear holocaust. Mitchell was the sixth person to walk on the moon. 

The former space traveler states that recent stories from high-ranking military officials report of the existence of intelligent life from other planets. According to those tales, missiles shot toward visiting aircraft were easily deflected by the visitors from outer space. 

Mitchell is telling the press that aliens were seen in the skies over the first test of a nuclear weapon, which took place in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. They reportedly came in peace, in an effort to prevent a nuclear holocaust between the United States and the Soviet Union. 

The astronaut, now 84 years old, was the lunar module pilot aboard the Apollo 14 mission, spending nine hours in the Fra Mauro Highlands region of the lunar surface. 

"During this EVA, Shepard and Edgar Mitchell moved more than half a mile from their LM, conducting selenological investigations, collecting samples and attempting to reach the rim of Cone crater, approximately 300 feet above the landing site," NASA officials report on their website.

Mitchell has scuffled with NASA officials in the past. In 2011, the United States government filed suit against the retired astronaut, alleging he was attempting to auction off a camera from his historic mission. The astronaut canceled the sale and agreed to turn the device over to NASA, who directed the relic to the National Air and Space Museum. 

The Texan also has a long-term interest in paranormal phenomenon and is the founder of a consciousness research organization known as the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Ions). According to fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon), Mitchell attempted to communicate with people on Earth, using physic powers, during the flight of Apollo 14. He also states he was healed of kidney cancer by a distance healer in Vancouver, although the disease was never confirmed through a biopsy. 

For more than two decades, Mitchell has contended that the famous crash in Roswell, New Mexico involved a real spacecraft from an alien world. He has also previously stated his belief that many UFO reports are actual intelligent aliens visiting the Earth. 

Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister, was reportedly seen talking to six members of the American congress in June 2013 about the presence of aliens on Earth, according to an article in Vice. 

The ingredients of life are seen scattered throughout the visible Universe, and astronomers now know planets are common around other stars, providing plenty of opportunity for life to evolve on other worlds. 

The truth is out there somewhere – the question becomes whether Mitchell is correct in his claims. 

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