While Microsoft continues the massive rollout of its new Windows 10 OS to millions of users, some customers who have performed the free upgrade are experiencing various problems. We've been reporting on each of these issues as they come to light, and now hundreds of Tech Times readers have weighed in, sharing their experiences with various other bugs.

Many users are continuing to report issues with screen flickering. While some of these problems can be attributed to a previously reported issue with automatic updates that affected Nvidia drivers, the problem is still plaguing other users, some of whose task bars are also not functioning properly, for unknown reasons.

Some users are having trouble with their touchpads. According to one Tech Times commenter:

"...the touchpad will not respond to taps and will not scroll at all. Downloading windows update did not help, and downloading latest drivers for win 10 from Asus (brand of my PC) was no help. I have been able to go to task manager and quit some processes to get the pointer back, but any reboot results in the problem returning. All of this makes the PC virtually useless."

Another reader chimed in, saying, "I'm having the same problem with my touch pad, only my USB mouse is working (thank the gods)."

Other readers are experiencing lags: "Computer is lagging and freezing while typing" is a common complaint.

"Just finished installing Windows 10 and now it takes ages to type anything. This has taken me 5 mins already," one user shared, while another stated, "Windows 10 uploaded OK but now my pc is sooooooo slow it's painful."

Many users are so frustrated with the issues that they have aborted their Windows 10 upgrades and reverted back to the version they previously had installed. Others plan to do the same. One Tech Times reader summed up the feelings of many: 

"I upgraded from Windows 7 as well and feel like nothing has improved. Even to open simple folders takes ages (even freezes sometimes) and NO COMMAND is working to close or reset my laptop. They said windows 10 will be faster and better. I find it twice as slow then before. I will def downgrade to my previous version."

It should be noted that while a number of users are indeed experiencing major problems with Windows 10, many customers who have installed the recent upgrade are pleased with the result. How do you feel? Have you upgraded to Windows 10 and experienced any of the performance issues listed above, or other problems — or are you happy with the update? Please let us know in the comments below.

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