The Apple TV set-top box has not been vamped up since 2012, and although it remains a top buy in the paid streaming TV market, it is sorely in need of a refresh. However, if rumors leading up to Apple's big even on Sept. 9 prove to be true, that is exactly what Apple TV fans will be getting – a better and improved Apple TV running an optimized OS, more storage and a faster processor.

And there's even more icing on the cake. Reportedly, the new Apple TV will have Siri incorporated into its remote control and interface so that users have the option of speaking to their streaming TV gadgets in order to search and navigate through the App for programs and options. The new remote is also reportedly going to have gesture control support.

With all these significant changes yet to be unveiled, experts predict that Apple and other TV app developers will probably want to look into building apps specifically made to be compatible with the new AppleTV –which will likely have its very own app store. Apple will be very likely pushing for developers to create their own channels for the Apple TV to be able to push more content to viewers. 

In addition to all these internal improvements, industry insiders also believe that the external look of the machine will also be getting a face lift.

Known for clean and minimalist lines, Apple will reportedly be making the new Apple TV look essentially the same, but thinner and slightly wider. Also, it will most likely still retain its plastic outer shell in order to remain compatible with other Wi-Fi networking and Bluetooth devices in the market.

So even though, as Tech Times previously reported, the launch of Apple Live TV will have to be delayed at least until next year, Apple still looks to be steaming ahead with its game-changing plans for the Apple TV.

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