Blizzard has unleashed a new Heroes of the Storm patch and with it comes familiar faces from Diablo III. Kharazim, a monk with a penchant for bruising, and Diablo himself will be available for free to owners of Diablo III for PC or Mac for a limited time.

The inclusion of Kharazim was in fact already announced previously at June's PC Gaming Show; however, it was not fully revealed what he would bring in to the action until this month.

The new hero will have traits like Transcendence, Iron Fists and Insight as special traits to give him an edge in fights. Meanwhile, his basic abilities include Radiant Dash, Breath of Heaven and Deadly Reach. Finally, the Monk of Ivgorod will also get special abilities like Seven-Sided Strike and Divine Palm to become practically invulnerable and to aid allies in near-death.

In addition Kharazim, existing skins and facial animations have also been given an uplift. Sgt. Hammer, The Butcher and Tychus are among those who have gotten a refresh on their look.

And good news for D3 fans, until Sept. 8, Diablo will be available for free as a new character in Heroes of the Storm. Additionally, if you're able to reach Level 70 with a season 4 character in the next season of D3, you'll be able to get Malthael's Phantom mount in Heroes of the Storm as well.

The Heroes of the Storm patch is a major one with huge changes to game play as well as new hero abilities which may affect the direction the game is taking from now on.

The full list and details of the upgrades and additions included in the patch can be found at Blizzard's blog. Game Designer, Matt Cooper, also dropped in his two cents on many of the changes and improvements made to the game with his personal notes.

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