To ensure that productivity isn't completely squandered while depositing waste into the toilet, a new app wants to help people connect with other poopers.

Newly launched Pooductive, an iOS app, developed by Ricardo Gruber and Marco Hernandez , uses location services to link up users who happen to be warming the porcelain at the same time. The app can also link up people around the globe, just in case the local selection doesn't provide enough toilet time talk.

Pooductive can be thought of as a place where people can meet up to 'enjoy their time of zen,' states Gruber. Users can catch up with friends who are also hanging out in on the toilet or they can keep the exchanges completely anonymous.

According to the makers, the overwhelming, unbearable, nay alienating boredom that we are all confronted with once a day (more or less) is an experience that each one of us can identify with.

"Technically, Pooductive is a messaging app, but it's so much more. It's a community, made up of people who are all in the same position as you...pardon the pun," the makers said in a statement.

Pooductive doesn't have much success on the iOS charts and currently stands outside of the top 500 free apps. Infact, the novel app also had a cruddy run on Kickstarter, which was called off on June 22 after attracting about $208 dollars from backers. It had a goal of just over $11,000.

Most of the Pooductive team's money was invested into launching the app, the developers stated on Kickstarter.

"However, since we are only students, we no longer have the financial resources needed to sustain the financial lifeline needed to allow Pooductive to reach its full potential," the team stated. 

The team turned to Kickstarter to secure the funding needed to expand Pooductive's feature set and to eventually release an Android version of the app. However, those plans may be dumped and flushed if Pooductive doesn't manage to find more success.

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