A partnership between Google and Twitter has resulted in tweets being shown in Google search results on mobile. Now, the same thing will be happening on desktop.

Relevant tweets on desktop will only be shown for English search results, and the search term does not need to have any reference to Twitter for this to happen. If Google thinks a tweet is relevant to a user's search, it will display that tweet.

As an example, a search for "Katy Perry" will reveal all of the usual information, with news results and links to related pages, and it will also show Perry's latest tweets.

The news comes around six months after Twitter and Google announced their partnership, but this is not the first time that the two companies have joined forces. Google and Twitter made a deal in 2009 to show tweets in search results, but that deal expired only a few years later, with some suggesting that the expiration was due to Twitter COO Ali Rowghani wanting more control over content on Twitter.

Google is also not the only search engine to be showing tweets in its search results. Bing also has been displaying tweets since summer 2014. The deal with Google, however, could be instrumental in Twitter's future. The companies' user base is still growing, but it is growing much slower than it has in the past. The social media company has also been criticized for its user retention problems and disappointing results when it comes to direct-response advertising.

Deals like the one with Google could put tweets in front of many more eyes than would otherwise happen. Tweets in search results could directly translate into more people signing up for Twitter, which will be extremely important in ensuring that Twitter doesn't go the way of MySpace.

Google says that it will soon be offering tweets in desktop search results for languages other than English.

Via: PCWorld

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