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Mars One Is Bankrupt And Down For The Count

Nearly seven years after it first grabbed headlines, Mars One, a startup that wanted to send the first human colony to Mars, is officially dead. The news was first revealed on Reddit and was confirmed by the company's cofounder.

Space February 13, 2019

Turns Out Mars One Mission To Send Humans To Mars Is A Scam, Says Report

In one of those too good to be true situations, an in-depth report reveals that the Mars One company who planned to send people to Mars is a scam. It paints a picture of a dysfunctional project that isn't ready to fulfill any of its promises.

Space March 29, 2018

NASA, SpaceX, Mars One Mission, UAE Mull Sending Humans To Mars, Study Reveals Travel To Red Planet Poses Health Risks

Mars travel could well be a possibility soon, as space organizations look to send people to the Red Planet. However, a recent study has shown that the trip may result in high exposure to radiation, causing many health hazards.

Space March 9, 2017

Mars One Delays Planned Red Planet Colonization Until 2032

British-Dutch company Mars One has delayed its planned manned mission to Mars until 2032. The change in timeline was made to give the venture time to raise enough funds to cover the large expenses of the mission.

Space December 8, 2016

Crops Grown On Martian Soil Are Safe To Eat: Scientists

A dinner on Mars is possible after all. Scientists have successfully grown crops on Mars-like soil and found they are safe to eat, and 'possibly' healthier than the same crops grown using regular potting soil.

Space June 30, 2016

British Student Plans To Go On A One-Way Trip To Mars

Ryan MacDonald, a 22-year-old astrophysics student from the U.K. has made it to the final 100 candidates for the Mars One mission, which aims to start a permanent human colony on Mars.

Space September 17, 2015

Chasing Life On The Red Planet: An Interview With Mars One Candidate Laurel Kaye

Mars One is a private space compay that aims to send six teams of four people to Mars – permanently – beginning in 2027. Tech Times spoke with Laurel Kaye, one of the final 100 candidates for the mission, about her experience thus far, her hopes for life on Mars and her concerns about the idea of leaving the only home she's ever known forever.

Space September 2, 2015

Top 5 Problems Humanity Must Solve Before Colonizing Mars

Colonizing Mars could be mankind's option when catastrophe strikes Earth, but sending humans to live on the Red Planet has some challenges. Here are five of them.

Space May 16, 2015

NASA Says Mars Trip Not Possible Without Agency's Help

NASA's administrator, Charles Bolden, suggests that sending humans to Mars will not be possible without the agency's support. Mars One and SpaceX are in the race to send humans to the Red Planet.

Geek April 20, 2015

Mars One CEO Defends Company: Says Trip To Red Planet Not A Scam

Mars One mission surrounded with controversies over the feasibility of the project. Bas Lansdorp answers questions claiming that the project is going to happen and is not a scam.

Space March 24, 2015

Mars One Headed For Failure? Details Surface, Marring Mission's Reputation

Mars One states it is planning to send the first colonists to the Red Planet in just 10 years, but is that really possible?

Space March 17, 2015

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Thinks Mars One Mission Will Fail To Get Financial Backing

Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson aired out a few concerns about Mars One, pointing out the potential pitfalls the project may encounter in sourcing for funding.

Space March 9, 2015

Mars One Whittles List Of People To Travel One-Way To Red Planet To 100: Here's Some Of Them

From over 200,000 individuals who wanted to live and die on planet Mars, only 100 aspiring explorers have made it to Mars One's next round of screening.

Space February 18, 2015

Mars One Project Trims List Of One-Way Travelers From 200,000 To 100

Mars One project welcomes top 100 candidates for the third round of cuts for a shot at being one of the first humans to live on Mars.

Space February 17, 2015

British Woman Bids to be 'Eve' on Mars, Wishes to Give Birth to First Martian

Motherhood is challenging. Maggie Lieu is unfazed, willing to take on the challenges of not just being a mother but being one on Mars.

Space January 31, 2015

Pee Power: Pee2Power Project Selected Among Mars One Competition Finalists

Gerardine Botte and her team from Ohio University have developed a technology that could extract clean water, energy and nitrogen from human urine. The Urine Greenbox made it as one of the ten finalists for a Mars One competition.

Space December 29, 2014

Australian Students Attempt to Solve Problem of 'Breathable Air' on Mars

Students from the University of Western Australia build a device to generate breathable air on Mars. The device may be sent to the Red Planet along with the unmanned Mars One Lander in 2018.

Space December 17, 2014

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Has Doubts About The Mars One Mission

Canadian Space Agency astronaut and one-time commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield recently stated doubts about the feasibility of the Mars One Mission to set up a human colony on Mars.

Geek December 4, 2014

Is capturing asteroids a good idea? MIT scientist gives emphatic 'no'

Capturing an asteroid will not assist NASA in the goal of a human mission to Mars, a researcher on the rocky bodies announced in a new statement that could have a national impact.

Space October 31, 2014

Why privatized space exploration and NASA aren't done with each other

Private spaceflight is essential to exploration of space, despite recent setbacks, and collaborations with NASA will continue.

Space October 30, 2014

Is a trip to Mars a good idea? Some say no

Researchers from MIT looked at the Mars One plan to colonize Mars. The team found lots of holes in the plan, estimating that colonists would start to die 68 days in.

Space October 14, 2014

MIT outlines why the Mars One mission will fail

Engineers at MIT have looked at plans by Mars One that will bring human colonies to Mars by 2024. However, those engineers think that the mission is doomed and will result in those colonists' deaths.

Geek October 14, 2014

Is a one-way mission to Mars ethical? Is it sane?

Mason Peck, Mars One adviser, answers the question "Is a one-way mission to Mars sane?"

Space August 6, 2014

Forget the moon, NASA now wants to colonize Mars

Landing a human crew on Mars is a primary goal of NASA, says their chief scientist, Ellen Stofan.

Space June 24, 2014

Mars One one-way travelers ponder life on Red Planet

It's a common knowledge that one must know what he or she is getting into before deciding to go for it. In the case of Mars One candidates, they could only imagine.

Space June 14, 2014

Big Brother creator will launch reality TV show in search of Mars One crew

Big Brother creator Endemol has teamed up with Mars One in order to document the Mars One astronaut selection process. A new reality TV show on the subject is now in the works.

Space June 4, 2014

Mars One shortlists 44 Indians for one-way trip to Red Planet

From over a thousand aspirants who dared take the challenge of the one-way trip to Mars in 2025, the pool is now trimmed down to 705, and 44 of them are Indians.

Space May 10, 2014

NASA plan for humans on Mars in the 2030s - will Mars One already be there?

The race for Mars is on. NASA details plans to visit the red planet years after Mars One plans to have its Martian colony operational.

Space April 13, 2014

In space, no one can see your heart become spherical

Human hearts become more of a sphere in space. What does this mean for a future human mission to Mars?

Space March 31, 2014

Mars One plans life-sized Martian habitat on Earth

A simulator meant to replicate conditions on the red planet will be built in an unknown location. Here's how the facility will test the equipment - and people - heading toward Mars.

Space March 29, 2014

If you're a Muslim and planning to migrate to Mars, don't! There's a fatwa on it

A fatwa issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment (GAIAE) forbids Muslims from participating in a one-way mission to Mars. However, Mars One thinks the journey is ideal for followers of Islam.

Space February 21, 2014

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