OnePlus 2 Owners Grumble About Unresponsive Home Button Caused By Grounding Issue [Video]


OnePlus' next-gen OnePlus 2 smartphone may have finally made its way to eager users, but it seems that the device is facing issues.

Users of the OnePlus 2 are grumbling about the unresponsive capacitive home button, which is acting up and causing unwanted hassles. Users have taken themselves to several forums to express their ire.

"Great, spend £300 ($461) on a new phone. Find out one of the new features does not work, best option disable it until the company manages to fix it..... am I the only person who thinks this is a bit rubbish?" complained a user on the OnePlus forum.

When one tries to touch the metal frame of the OnePlus 2 (which boasts of a magnesium alloy frame on the edges), the home button does not respond to taps from the user's other hand. Interestingly, when a user is operating the smartphone single handedly, or if the OnePlus 2 is lying on a table, the home button seems to be working normally. Even when the phone is resting on one's palm the button works. The problem only arises when the metal sides of the OnePlus 2 are touched.

Judging by the observations, the issue at hand seems to be a grounding one and was not faced by OnePlus One users as the device was made of plastic.

If this is indeed a grounding issue, it is not clear if the same can be resolved by a patch being rolled out. Users are echoing the sentiment and questioning if the issue lies within the hardware.

"I updated the device in the video above to the latest version of the OS before testing just to make sure there wasn't already a fix. The problem still exists, so I have to think that if it's possible to fix in software, it's going to be a while. Is this actually something that can be fixed via software? Or is it just a hardware issue?" worried a user on Reddit.

Thankfully, the problem with the unresponsive home button does not seem to be plaguing all OnePlus 2 users and some owners reveal that their smartphone is working fine.

For those facing the problem a temporary workaround is to use the optional on-screen button instead of the troublesome home button.

Check out the video showing the unresponsive home button of the OnePlus 2.

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