Amazon is continuing to add to the features available in its Echo connected speaker, with the latest update allowing users to set up multiple accounts on the device.

All a user needs to do is say "Alexa, switch accounts," in order to change between the accounts of two account holders. Users can also say "Alexa, which account is this," to be told which account is currently being used before doing things like making a purchase on Amazon. Things like to-do lists remain communal, essentially meaning that it doesn't matter which account is being used in order to access and use those features. 

In order to set up more than one account with Amazon for the Echo, users will need to set up an account through Amazon Households, which allows two account holders in the same household to share the benefits associated with a Prime membership. It also allows up to four children to access content such as videos through their parents' account. The Echo, however, does not yet support children's accounts.

The new Echo update also adds departure and arrival times for the San Francisco BART public transport system. After being asked to open BART times, the Echo will ask the user for the departure location and the destination. It will then announce the times for the next three trains whenever asked for BART times. Amazon has not yet announced whether or not other public transport systems might be added, however, car users can ask for traffic reports.

The Amazon Echo is currently on sale for $180 after having gone on sale to the public in June. Previously to it being released for the public, there were sales via invite only. Users have also given the device very favorable reviews. It allows for users to access a range of online information, however, they can also order things from Amazon with a simple voice command.

Via: MacWorld

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