Gabriel "Gabe" Aul has announced that he is using Windows 10 Mobile Build 10537 in internal testing, in response to a query from one Twitter user.

So far, the team seemed to have been releasing builds almost every day, although they admit that they don't release builds on a weekend and on Mondays.

Judging from the numerous tweets posted by Aul, it seems like the latest build 10537 promises to bring back mobile hotspots, along with some fixes to the issues brought by Build 10512.

"@ShivanShiladze Using 10537 in internal Fast ring currently," tweeted Gabe.

"@mrswagga2301 @kalintzis Next build is looking good. Has mobile hotspot, and most 10512 issues fixed. Perf a bit better too," said Gabe in a different tweet.

While Gabe didn't really mention the issues being fixed in the latest build, some Twitter users opened up on what changes they would like to see with the release. These include fixes on call and SMS, start screen, app launch and VPN settings.

There are also those who are more concerned with whether the latest build will finally bring Skype integration in their devices.

"@GabeAul @mrswagga2301 @kalintzis and what's the status of the skype integration? you never mention it. don't feel good about this silence," tweeted Michael Loeffel (@MichaelLoeffel).

"@GabeAul when can we expect to see the Messenger app with Skype integration," tweeted Mark H Brown (@dotnethaggis).

Aul neither affirmed nor denied Skype integration. Instead, he only mentions features once they are ready.

"@MichaelLoeffel @mrswagga2301 @kalintzis We prefer to talk about features when you can actually try them in a build."

In a blog post on Tuesday, Aul announced that Microsoft is rolling out Cortana to Insiders through Windows 10 Insider Preview builds 10532+. It will come as an optional download that can be accessed by Insiders from Japan, Canada and Australia. In the meantime, Insiders in India can also expect to get improved voice settings from the update. The post also mentioned that Insiders in Canada, Mexico and Brazil are also getting Cortana later this year.

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