Epic's Unreal Powered 'Showdown' VR Demo Is Intense, And Now It's Free


Epic is no stranger to impressive tech demos. It has a long history of blowing people's minds with the latest and greatest version of its signature Unreal Engine, and now it's used the tech to make an action-packed virtual reality demo to show off the potential of VR gaming.

It's an intense display, with what look to be futuristic police storming a heavily armed robot wreaking havoc on a city street. The whole demo is in slow motion "bullet time," as bullets whiz through the air, windows shatter and explosions blossom into giant balls of fire. Those experiencing the VR demo can look in different directions and duck under objects. Even if the demo doesn't allow for users to roam free around the futuristic battlefield, it still puts you into the action in the way only VR can.

If that sounds cool, perhaps even cooler is the fact that Epic has now released the demo for free. The developer has shown off the VR demo at various industry events over the past year, and now, it's coming to your home computer. The demo – along with all the assets featured in the video – are available to download through the free Epic Games launcher. Simply go to the "Learn" tab to download.

The VR demo is compatible with Oculus DK2 and up, Sony's Morpheus and HTC Vive Steam VR. You can check out some of the action that's in store in the video below.

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