The rumored LG G4 Pro or G4 Note could make its debut soon, as the Korean media points to an Oct. 10 launch for the new flagship.

Reports so far have referred to the device either as the LG G4 Pro or the LG G4 Note, but neither name is confirmed at this point.

Regardless of the name, LG will launch a new high-end smartphone soon, with the company's CEO himself recently confirming that LG's next flagship will arrive sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

It now seems that it may be sooner rather than later, as new information now claims that LG plans to unveil its new flagship on Oct. 10. Previous speculation that the handset would have a premium metal build has recently been refuted and little else is known about this new LG flagship, but it looks like it won't be a long wait.

Straight out from LG's home country, a new report from Korea (via GforGames) now claims that an LG official announced the Oct. 10 launch date for the next flagship during a briefing on the LG's plans for the remainder of this year. Keep in mind, however, that this Oct. 10 debut of the elusive LG G4 Note or LG G4 Pro could be just for Korea.

The October release, if true, would give LG a fair chance to pit its G4 Note/ G4 Pro or whatever it may be called, against new flagships such as the Galaxy Note 5 and the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus. On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether it will sport advanced-enough specs to compete against Samsung and Apple's flagship phablets.

So far, various rumors and reports have indicated that the LG G4 Note/ G4 Pro will not feature a premium metal build or groundbreaking hardware specs, but will set itself apart from rivals by betting big on the camera department. The next LG flagship will reportedly boast a dual rear camera with improved depth perception and advanced features. The device is further expected to sport a stylus, rear-mounted power and volume buttons, and a removable battery.

Little else is known at this point regarding this purported LG G4 Note or G4 Pro, but if LG indeed plans an Oct. 10 release, more information about this new flagship will come to light soon enough. In the meantime, take all leaks and rumors with a grain of salt.

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