Runtastic Unwraps Moment Smartwatch: Anything Fantastic About It?


Runtastic - just after Adidas acquired it for a whopping $240 million - seems serious in expanding its wings as it announced Friday the release of its Moment Smartwatch, a line of analog watches, aimed at both fashionistas as well as fitness freaks.

The company revealed a Moment Smartwatch does not only serve as an analog watch timepiece - it can also track the user's fitness. This wearable device can track calories, steps, active minutes and even sleep.

Sporting a stainless steel casing as well as a scratch-resistant glass, the smartwatch boasts of four collections - each comes in slightly distinctive style and colors.

Measuring either 37mm or 46mm in diameter, Runtastic is impressing its most exacting customers by offering these amazing features, through its smartwatch:

Long-Lasting Lithium Battery - It touts six-month battery life which provides reliability as well as convenience to its users.

7-Day Memory - The company claims the wearable can save the user's date for up to seven days.

Sleep Tracking - Runtastic says it can track the user's sleep phases and duration throughout the night.

Steps and Distance - With this gadget, the company says, the user can track the distance and his or her daily steps.

LED Notification - It features a subtle LED light to keep the wearer in the know.

Calories Burned - Now, the user can already monitor on his or her calorie burn every day with this gadget.

Set and Reach Goals - It will let the wearer set the goal.

Bluetooth Smart Technology - It also has a Bluetooth technology to enable the user to transfer the data to a smartphone.

Monitor Daily Progress - With this timepiece, one will be in the know of his or her daily goal.

Vibration Alerts - This also touts gentle vibrations to keep the wearer updated.

Fans who are already excited to get their hands on the Moment Smartwatch should know the device comes in two price points.

The Runtastic Moment Fun and Runtastic Moment Basic are priced at $130 each while the Runtastic Moment Elite and Runtastic Moment Classic are reportedly sold at a higher price - $180.

Users can sync this fashionable timepiece with the Runtastic Me app. Runtastic boasts of a suite of apps, which include Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout, Runtastic Push-Ups, leg trainers, cycling apps, and a lot more.

"Gone are the days of choosing between your favorite watch and awkward fitness tracker. Moment combines the best of both worlds," reads the product description shared over the company's official website.

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