Spotify is helping people fall asleep and wake up a bit easier and more happily through its new global partnership with the French consumer electronic company Withings.

Withings unveiled its new Aura Connected Alarm Clock that understands the user's sleep cycle and uses curated playlists to provide users with the music best-suited for their needs, enabling them to fall asleep more quickly and wake up feeling more energized.

As part of the partnership, users of the Aura Connected Alarm Clock (and existing users of Withings' Aura Total Sleep System) will be able to access Spotify's full catalog of more than 30 million songs through the device.

The only alarm clock with Spotify Connect, users can access customized song recommendations when they set an alarm or when they need soothing tunes to help them get to their dream state via the accompanying app. The custom-made recommendations take into account the user's music preferences, and use aggregated data from its Aura Sleep Sensor users worldwide to then consider how that particular track helps similar users fall asleep or rise and shine.

"We are excited about being integrated in the Withings Aura product as it helps our users enjoy their Spotify sleep and wake-up playlists in a more integrated and meaningful way and we hope this will positively impact the quality of their sleep and well-being," Riad Hawa, Spotify's business development manager, said in a press release.

The size of a bedside lamp, the system also monitors noise and lighting in the room, both of which can affect the user's sleep cycle. It automatically adjust its light levels and plays custom sounds, including Spotify tracks, to promote the onset of sleep and provide a more peaceful waking-up experience. When falling asleep at night, red colored lights emit from the smart alarm clock along with more relaxing songs. In the morning, the device uses blue lighting (which is known to help the body secrete melatonin, the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle) and the songs provided by Spotify that the user sets as their alarm.

"With 79 percent of Americans stating they believe a bad wake-up experience can ruin their day, we wanted to work hard to improve this important component of sleep routines," said Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings. "By combining environmental sensors, light therapy and now, thanks to our partnership with Spotify, the most personal of musical choices, we can help people get the better start they deserve and attack the day energized after a sound night's sleep."

While the Aura Total Sleep System provides more health and sleep-tracking data when used with Withings Health Mate app, the Aura Connected Alarm Clock allows users to take control of their sleep cycles without having to monitor and analyze every sleep-related biometeric.

Withings' Aura Connected Alarm Clock Wake-up Light & Sound System retails for $189.95. It can be paired with the Aura Sleep Sensor that retails for $129.95 for a more complete sleep monitoring experience. Both Aura devices are compatible with iOS and Android; however, to enable the Spotify feature, users must have a Spotify Premium membership.

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