The SolidLuuv is a strange-looking object. Like, stop dead in your tracks while attempting to make your way through the halls of a convention center strange. It sort of looks like a bicycle horn turned sideways, with a big handle jutting out. And there, at the top of the horn's bell, is a bolted-on GoPro camera.

The device is a camera stabilizer designed to be held with one-hand, so a GoPro filmmaker can run alongside the action. In the video demo, a user is running through the streets and parks, shooting some parkour athletes as they do their thing. Though, as with the GoPro itself, the possibilities are no doubt limitless.

At first, the SolidLuuv is as awkward to hold as its shape and name suggest. The user grabs the handle with a few fingers and pinches the midsection with the thumb and index finger for manual control. There's also mechanical control, and the system can also follow RFID tags placed on the subject to assure that they're never out of the frame.

The system, which also works with a variety of other action cams, smartphones, and compact cameras, will be hitting Kickstarter before the end of the month.

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