A revised Apple TV is finally set to launch, and rumors suggest that Periscope will be one of the first apps to be offered on the device. This will allow users to watch livestreams on their televisions.

The news is pretty big for Periscope, which has been building in popularity over the past few months, and is only set to keep growing.

The new Apple TV is set to also include an Apple TV App Store, which will feature apps developed by third-party developers. It is expected that Apple will make a big push for gaming with the new Apple TV. In fact, reports suggest that the company will even be releasing a new multi-functional remote controller that has an accelerometer built into it that will be usable for gaming applications.

Apple basically wants its set-top box to be able to do things that boxes from the likes of Amazon and Roku cannot. Not only that, but the company also wants to redefine how we treat the living room and wants developers to think of more than simply translating their current apps to work on larger displays. If done correctly, Apple could change more than how and when we watch TV, and could change the TV to offer news, games, social media and other things.

While it's not yet known what the exact functionality of the Periscope Apple TV app will be, it is likely that it will largely center on watching livestreams rather than making them.

Periscope itself was bought by Twitter in January and currently has more than 10 million users registered. Users can use the app simply through their Twitter account. The app has around 40 years of watch time per day.

If Periscope ends up being popular when it comes to the Apple TV, it could get other social media platforms thinking about how they can take advantage of the device.

Via: TechCrunch

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