There is no shortage of hate for portrait-oriented video. Periscope – Twitter's very own live video-streaming app – gets this. Up until now, the app has only allowed upright portrait video shooting capabilities, but now, is expanding to a much needed "landscape mode" for iPhone and Android devices.

Twitter has been putting a lot of force behind video: earlier this year it launched Twitter Video, a built-in video player for its timeline. Then, earlier this summer, the company announced a wide aspect-ratio mode to support its apps. The fact that Periscope is making a similar switch doesn't come as a surprise to anyone.

(Photo : Periscope)

Periscope users can continue to shoot in either mode, while viewers can watch videos in either landscape or portrait mode no matter which way a video is shot.

The app has garnered around 10 million users since it came into being four months ago, and has seen a steady (although not exponential) increase in its daily users, with more than "40 years of video watched per day." Still, there is work to be done.

The new updates for the app also feature the ability to get notifications on shared videos from the accounts you follow on your home feed. For Android devices, there's also a private broadcast system for mutual followers that is available. The feature is coming to the iOS very soon as well. The live video-streaming company is also working on an Apple TV app.

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