Google Easter Egg Brings 'Super Mario Bros.' To Your Browser


Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., as is the case with every major event, Google did something special to celebrate.

Stop whatever you're doing and Google "Super Mario Bros." right now. When you do, you'll be met with the usual box to the right of the search results that provides some images and information about the game.

In this box, you'll also notice a flashing Question Block like those seen in the actual game. But don't think this is just a regular old GIF. Click that block with your cursor as you would make Mario smash it with his fist in the game. Each time you do, you'll score a coin worth 200 points. You'll also hear that iconic 8-bit chime from Super Mario Bros. every time you click on that block.

Here's what this Google Easter egg should look like when you do it correctly, and you can find the original GIF here.

If only all of the coins you can potentially rack up with this Easter egg were actually worth something, this would be completely perfect.

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