At this year's E3, Square Enix announced World of Final Fantasy, a new game based in the settings of previous Final Fantasy games, featuring two siblings who travel across those familiar lands and meet familiar faces.

At the Tokyo Game Show on Wednesday, Square Enix unveiled its first English-subtitled trailer for the game, which shows the story of the brother and sister as they make the decision to explore the realms of Final Fantasy.

In World of Final Fantasy, players take control of the siblings, twins, who can capture and train monsters such as chocobos, while wandering through Grimoire — a land that captures all the settings of previous Final Fantasy games.

World of Final Fantasy also features many characters, including leads, from previous Final Fantasy titles.

"I can only disclose that Cloud and the Warrior of Light will be in the game," said World of Final Fantasy producer Hiroki Chiba to Venture Beat. "But all the characters appearing in the game from previous titles will actually be in the main story. You'll meet every one of them in the main story. There are special side quests available as well for players who want to delve into their stories a bit more."

It seems that Square Enix made this game a little more kid-friendly than other Final Fantasy titles, but it's certain that adults will enjoy playing it, as well. The company wants this game to be accessible for those who have not played any Final Fantasy games, as well.

"The image I had for the game system in World of Final Fantasy was the titles before Final Fantasy X," Chiba explained. "A lot of the elements will come from those titles. The battles are a little more intuitive than previous titles, just so newer players will be able to catch on easily."

World of Final Fantasy makes its debut in 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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