The rich world of Final Fantasy has always stood apart from many games partly because of the developers' ability to draw you into the story and empathize with the characters as they go along their journey. While Final Fantasy is a challenging game in itself, others want to do away with difficult battles and mini-games and instead focus on storyline. Which is why Square Enix has built-in cheats in many of the Final Fantasy series, including the just released Final Fantasy VII for iOS.

Although a port for PlayStation 4 was announced last december, it wasn't a console re-release of one of the Final Fantasy series' most beloved installments that became available today, but a mobile version for iOS. While reports say that gameplay has not changed, the iOS port includes many features not available in the original game such as cheats that will allow you to play without pesky random encounters, and a God Mode that will allow you to breeze through the game without fear of death or K.O.

Although turning off random encounters will render your hero unable to gain experience points needed to level up, that is where the God Mode feature comes in. Simply toggle on the cheat to max out all your stats and you won't need to worry about gaining experience anymore.

Aside from these cheats, Square Enix says that, "No changes or additions have been made to the story." Still, with the changes previously reported being made to the game, plus these newly revealed cheats, the new Final Fantasy VII for iOS is sure to be an interesting and all new experience for Final Fantasy fans.

Final Fantasy VII for iOS was made available in the Apple store on Aug. 20 and priced at $15.99 along with a free app called Final Fantasy Portal which will be a mobile hub for all official Final Fantasy news and updates.

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