6-Year-Old Wants Divorcing Parents To Be Friends And 'Try Not To be Mean' [Video]


The ones who suffer the most from the breakup of a marriage are the children of the divorcing spouses. Which is why it is heartbreaking to watch this 6-year-old girl on YouTube deliver this innocent and direct message to her parents whom she is forced to be torn between.

The little girl in the video has one clear message for her parents: Don't be mean. Simple yet direct and practical advice for anyone going through a tough divorce with kids involved.

With mom holding up the camera, the girl asks her frankly, “Are you ready to be his friend?”

Mom is heard behind the lens, saying that she is. And so her wise daughter gives her some important advice to move forward.

“Just try your best ... I don't want you and my dad to be mean,” she tells mom.

And most importantly, she shares this bit of wisdom, which is hard to believe coming out of such a little girl: “If I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice too.”

It truly is inspiring to hear her say that she is doing the best in her heart to not be mean and she just wants her parents to do the same.

One-third of marriages in the United States are still estimated to end in divorce, according to statistics published in The New York Times. Many children around the country are going through what this little girl is experiencing and her voice is just a small one out of many that are certainly screaming out with the same pain and hope at the same time.

“I want you and my dad ... I want everyone to be friends,” she wishes in the video.

And we all wish right along with her that everyone could follow her sage advice.

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