Addicted to Selfies? Now You Can Earn Money With That Duckface Pout


Very soon, Kim Kardashian won't be the only one earning cash by posting her selfies online. Pay Your Selfie is an app that lets you upload your selfies which fulfilled some "selfie tasks" indicated in the app in exchange for some pennies (maximum of $1 each) in a virtual piggy bank that will add up to cold hard cash once it reaches $20. You can either opt to get a cheque in the mail or donate the money to charity.

With over 100 million selfies being taken everyday, according to reports, it's about time that someone turned that collective vanity into a money-making service. Pay Your Selfie will partner with services that want promotional help and engagement from their customers, as well as with public awareness and fund raising campaigns for charities.

According to the fine print on the official website's FAQs, each selfie must meet some set criteria for each partner's listed selfie task to qualify as a paid selfie. Some criteria include geo-tags being turned on and indicating the selfie was snapped within a certain location, certain themes being met in a photo, like new tattoo, or logos to be visible in the frame.

In order to read the full details for each selfie task, app users simply have to tap on the Pay Your Selfie red pig logo to view the list of partners for the day, then tap on each partner to view the criteria they are looking for to pay for your selfies.

Michelle Smyth is the CEO of Pay Your Selfie and she says that the app allows people to earn real money by doing something they already love to do and do it everyday anyway.

"People who use our app say it's a fun and easy way to earn a buck. For brands, we deliver a direct way to reach active and social consumers who like to express their lifestyles through selfies," she said in a statement.

The free app is available to download now for iOS and Android devices.

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