The release of a new iPhone is always a huge event, but Fourquare estimates that sales this weekend will total a whopping 13 to 15 million.

The company came up with its estimate by analyzing foot traffic in Apple Stores leading up to the launch of the iPhone 5, 5s and 6, combining that data with Apple's sales data.

Foursquare predicted that foot traffic on the launch day of the iPhone 6s will be around 360 percent of that on a normal Friday, which led to the prediction of between 13 and 15 million iPhone 6s sales.

That estimate is close to Apple's own estimate, however, it is a little higher. Apple said that it expected to sell over 10 million devices during the launch of the iPhone 6s, which is more than the launch of the iPhone 6.

Foursquare itself has been able to track user location data for the past six years. Each time a user "checks in" with Foursquare, it is given more data to be able to analyze, and over the last six years, a massive seven billion check-ins have been recorded. This is, however, the first time that Foursquare has used this data to estimate the sales of a product.

It's important to note that this estimate could certainly be off, especially considering the fact that Apple's own estimate is different. Not only that, but there are also things like preorders and sales from carriers to take into account. Despite this, Foursquare says that its sample size is big enough to make estimates such as this.

Only time will tell exactly how many iPhone 6s models sell, however, whether it's 10 million or 15 million, its sure to be a massive event. You can see a video about Foursquare's predictions below.

Via: TheNextWeb

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