A kitten that could have been dead had it not been found by a group of children in Racine is now on its way to recovery.

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) said on Friday, Sept. 25, that the cat, which was found in a paper bag, was recovering weeks after it was accidentally found. It also appeared determined to live.

The tiny animal, named "Miracle" by the WHS staff, was just over two weeks old when it was found on Sept. 7 by a group of children who had been walking along Prospect Avenue. One of them spotted a paper bag on the ground and kicked it, and was surprised to see a kitten covered in feces roll out.

When the children peeked inside the bag, they found that there were two other kittens. Both were dead and were also covered in feces. An adult who passed by contacted the police and an officer was sent to take the kitten to safety.

Miracle is temporarily being cared for by a WHS employee and is receiving round-the-clock care to ensure that he grows up big and strong.

The kitten was given antibiotics to fight an upper respiratory infection and although he is still weak, WHS President of Communications Angela Speed said that Miracle has a strong will to survive. Speed said she does not know the name of the children who found the kitten but she was grateful that they found him.

"He would have died had they not helped him," Speed said. "We have no idea why anyone would put three infant kittens in a paper bag, but thankfully that cruel act was matched by a compassionate one."

Miracle is now 5 weeks old but he will be ready for adoption only after he is at least 8 weeks old and weighs 1.2 pounds. 

The kitten may easily find a new home following the media's coverage of its story but not many animals, cats in particular, are as lucky.

Figures from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) show that only about 37 percent of the cats that enter shelters are adopted. Forty-one percent are euthanized and less than 5 percent are returned to their owners.

The WHS welcomes donations on behalf of Miracle to cover his medical care expenses. Those who wish to help can visit the website wihumane.org or contact (414) 431-6270.

Photo: Alan Huett | Flickr 

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