Legacy of the Void, the final expansion of Blizzard's StarCraft II, is now open for preorders, with gamers that purchase the title also gaining immediate access to the beta version of Whispers of Oblivion, which contain the expansion's prologue missions.

Whispers of Oblivion is a three-mission prologue that will bridge the storyline between StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. It will include new machines and warriors from each race, and will feature the first-ever mission with Dark Templar Zeratul at the helm since StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Blizzard is recommending gamers to pre-purchase the expansion through Battle.net to be able to gain immediate access to the beta Whispers of Oblivion, but preordering the game from certain retail stores will also give the user the beta access to the prologue missions package.

Three are three editions for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void that can be pre-purchased. The standard edition, which can be purchased in either digital or retail formats, is priced at $39.99. Gamers that buy the  this edition will be gaining access to a character from StarCraft lore, who is not yet revealed, for Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA by Blizzard.

The second variant, the digital deluxe edition, has a price tag of $59.99 and includes add-ons for other games by Blizzard, including a World of Warcraft battle pet, a Heroes of the Storm Void Seeker, a Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Protoss-themed card back and StarCraft II Protoss-themed unit skins and portraits.

The third variant, the collector's edition which is exclusive to retail and with a price tag of $79.99, will be released with all the above-mentioned add-ons as well as a copy of the StarCraft Field Manual DVD and the game's soundtrack CD.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will prominently feature the Protoss in its campaign mode along with new multiplayer modes such as Archon Mode and Allied Commanders.

In Archon Mode, a pair of gamers share control over a base during a mission, which provides a venue for rookie StarCraft II gamers to learn from seasoned masters.

In Allied Commanders, gamers choose a commander to lead their army in an open-ended game mode with objectives similar to what is seen in the campaign mode.

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