Google Introduces Two New Tools To Help Advertisers Run Even More Targeted Ads


Google is transitioning into a new phase with its online advertising scheme. The $400 billion company will empower advertisers with a more targeted approach by introducing two new products.

On Monday, Sept. 28, during Advertising Week's Times Center Stage event in New York City, Google introduced Customer Match and Universal App Campaigns, which promise to put advertisers in a more favorable position through targeted ads and better app marketing toward mobile users.

According to Statista, Google raked in $59 billion in ad revenue for 2014. Although the figures are way ahead of Facebook's $14 billion ad revenue last year, Mountain View seems to be taking hints from Menlo Park by using a more targeted advertising system.

Customer Match

Google notes 70 percent of online consumers say the quality, relevance and timing of ads and messages are factors that form their perception of the brand. The company currently uses its unique position to capitalize on these factors by presenting the most relevant information depending on what users are doing.

Hence, ads and messages will come in whenever a user does his or her searches through Google, watches videos on YouTube or checks for promotional email on Gmail, regardless of the device used.

Building on its current ad scheme, Google came up with Customer Match, which will help brands reach out to customers that they have had previous dealings with in a more specific way.

These target markets are, for instance, "those in your loyalty program or who have made a previous purchase," Google elaborated.

Customer Match functions by allowing advertisers to upload a list of emails from its clientele. When a user signs in to his or her Google account, tailored ad campaigns that are built by advertising brands will be sent to the user whenever he or she uses any of Google's services, such as the search engine, Gmail and YouTube.

A travel brand, which opts to market through Customer Match, can get in touch with the profiled individuals exactly when they're planning their trip.

Google plans to show the ads whenever the concerned users search for something relevant on Google Search. Thus, a search for "non-stop flights to New York" will yield relevant ads, which will pop up on top of the search results across all devices, from the advertiser.

The ads will also show up while the specified users are watching YouTube videos or checking their email. Google terms it as a way to "inspire them to plan their next trip."

Universal App Campaigns

Google opened up Universal App Campaigns as a way for brands to market their mobile applications and reach out to a wider audience. Google will do this by suggesting the app to mobile users who use Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and GDN (Google Display Network).

Recommendations while watching YouTube videos, in-app suggestions and online searches are the aspects of mobile Internet usage that the app campaign hopes to exploit.

Through Universal App Campaigns, app developers can leverage the pool of more than 1 billion active users of YouTube to significantly increase the number of devices that have their apps installed.

Furthermore, Google will also use over 2 million websites within GDN (Google Display Network) and the 650,000 apps in its Play Store to further the reach of developers under Universal App Campaigns.

"Universal App Campaigns tap into intent-rich searches like 'adventure games' and 'puzzle games' that are happening throughout the day on Google Search and Google Play so your app can be seen when people are looking to download something new," Google exemplified.

Note that for Universal App Campaigns, Google will charge the advertisers and developers every time the app is installed on a new device. The ads and suggestions that will be fed to users will come for the listed app details on Google Play.

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