PlayStation 4 update 3.0 will arrive on September 30, bringing a number of small enhancements to help improve the PlayStation gaming experience.

Earlier this month, we read about some of the improvements coming to the console, but now Sony has released a visual tour of the update that should give gamers a better idea of what to expect once the update rolls out.

For starters, PlayStation Plus is getting its own dedicated area on the home screen. Clicking on the large PS Plus icon that has been added to the upper-righthand corner of the screen will bring up your membership, free games and deals available for PS Plus members.

Several improvements are also being made to the way players can share their favorite gaming moments. Players can now stream directly to YouTube from their PS4, share video clips to Twitter directly from the console and save game screenshots as higher quality PNGs.

The system's social features are also being updated. Stickers are being added so players can communicate quickly with game-themed emoticons rather than typing out long messages, and users will be able to create communities as well. These PS4 communities will have their own message boards.

Players will be able to create groups to make navigating the friend list a little easier. Say you have a group of buddies you play Destiny with regularly. With the new group ability, you can create a group titled Destiny fireteam, add your Destiny-playing friends and get all of them all in one spot, with the ability to invite them to a party.

A new event hub will be added as well. It will give an overview of the activities going on in a certain game, in addition to including official broadcasts. All of this is outlined in the visual guide of the update over on the PlayStation Blog, so be sure to check it out.

Also coming in the update is more cloud storage. PlayStation Plus members are having their online cloud storage space increased from 1 GB to 10 GB. It's not every day the PS4 gets a system update, so it's exciting to see all of these improvements being added.

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