Lucy in Australia was not the only robot waiting in line to get a new iPhone. Back stateside, a woman sent her BeamPro Sustainable Technologies Robot to wait in line for her at an Apple store in Palo Alto while she was in San Diego.

Brianna Lempesis waited in line via her robot outside the Apple store on Sept. 25 to pay for a brand new iPhone 6S Plus with a credit card transaction that was reportedly prearranged with the store's manager.

A flesh and blood customer who was waiting in line beside Lempesis' robot told reporters that he thought he would be sitting beside a real person when he decided to line up for the new phone, however, his robotic company proved to be more fun.

Lempesis said that she should be allowed to stand in line using a robot and buy a phone just like any other person. She pointed out that others were leaving empty chairs in line to mark their spot. Her robot, on the other hand, allowed her to interact via video transmission with anyone in the line with her.

According to reports, she also used the robot to wait in line outside of an Apple store in Toronto, Canada.

The BeamPro robot rolled out of the Apple Store with Lempesis' iPhone in a pouch that was secured to its side and Lempesis remotely guided her new purchase into an office on University Avenue where it was locked in until she could retrieve her robot and her iPhone the following Monday.

In addition to being able to purchase an iPhone 6S Plus despite being 450 miles away, Lempesis also told reporters that she was hoping to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook who was opening the store at 8 AM, and offer him a virtual fist bump on the screen of her BeamPro robot. Just to see if he would reciprocate the gesture.

"I'd be like, 'Tim, fist bump!' and see if he'd go for it. I don't know if he'd go for it," she said.

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