Take A Walk Through Universal's Halloween Horror Nights If You Dare


Although Halloween is still more than a month away, zombies, serial killers, monsters and even aliens and predators are already on the prowl at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando for the parks' annual Halloween Horror Nights.

The absolutely terrifying mazes and haunted houses bring to the real world some of the most horrifying moments from the movies and put park-goers right into the middle of the scares. The screams are sure to reverberate all over the parks from Sept. 18 through Nov. 1.

Every year, Universal Studios transforms its parks into horror movie scenes as soon as the sun goes down. When the moon rises, the monsters come out to play.

The huge Halloween attraction is so scary that the official website even warns that it is not recommended for guests under 13 years old.

According to those who went to the Horror Nights' 2015 grand opening, they were chased by masked men wielding chainsaws the moment they stepped through the gates. Make sure your cardio is up to the task because that's only the beginning to the scares to expect.

The world-famous Universal Tram Tour is transformed into the Terror Tram Survive The Purge. Guests are able to visit the sets of classic scary movies like Psycho, War of the Worlds, The Purge and others.

Guests may also try to walk through the Insidious: Return to the Further maze which makes guests walk among scares from all three Insidious movies.

Another maze is the zombie-filled The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far, which will have guests trying to find their way out to avoid the cannibals, as well as the brain-eating walkers, at Terminus.

For a break from the bloodcurdling screams, guests can go through the trippy This Is the End 3D maze. Guests don a pair of 3D spectacles while walking, which is sure to mess up their sense of depth perception and balance. The short maze features artwork by James Franco from his house in the movie This Is the End, and also has actors portraying characters from the movie to deliver light-hearted scares but more jokes rather than terror.

For a full list of mazes, shows, attractions and Halloween-themed rides Universal has prepared for this year's Halloween Horror Nights, head on over to the event's official website.

And if you plan on braving a visit, don't forget to order tickets in advance, as well as the advised express passes which will put you at the front of the line of the attractions – some of which will have two-hour queues during peak times.

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