Logitech’s Circle Is A Cute But Powerful Smart Camera That Creates A Timelapse Of Your Day


Logitech has taken home monitoring in a fresh direction. With Logi Circle, video surveillance goes beyond security and into staying connected with one's home and loved ones. 

The Circle's selling point is Day Brief, a feature in the Circle App that picks the day's highlights, hyper speeds and squeezes them into a 30-second clip. 

This is possible because of the gadget's advance sensors which detect important activities, possibly by taking cues in big body movements.

For example, the cat stays in front of the camera during the whole day. The camera will not highlight the times when the cat is awakened by the noise; however, when the cat stands up to eat, the device marks the moment for Day Brief. 

Users can enjoy more features of Circle on their mobiles. The camera pairs with the Logi Circle app for Android and iOS. Connecting the camera to the app is very convenient. Users simply have to turn Circle on via a switch located on the bottom of its base, wait for the LED light to turn blue and finally, to connect to the Internet.

Meanwhile, on the video cam basics, Logi Circle neatly improved. The camera streams live video to a smartphone in 720p HD resolution and has a microphone on the front for two-way communication. The gadget's well-studied magnetic base allows it to be attached to any surface and to be moved around conveniently. The base can be attached to metal surfaces or walls while the ball can be attached and removed from its base. 

The gizmo also comes with a brilliant charging scheme. It uses a magnetic ring-shaped dock that has one end connected to the wall outlet. The user can leave the device connected to the charging ring all day, or they can detach it and move it around. The camera can be moved around for three hours, or 12 hours in power saving mode.

However, concerns have been raised that the camera could become a high-tech pranking ball. People can easily move around the Circle and hide it in unexpected places for short periods of time.

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