Picture sharing website Imgur has released an update to its app for Google's Andrioid mobile operating system, bringing along with it a pair of new features for the convenience of the users of the service.

The first change is the return of the search feature, which will allow users to comb through all the images in the service to find the one that they want. Thousands of images are uploaded and stored to Imgur daily, and the search function for the service's Android app will allow mobile users to instantly find the one that they want or need.

The second significant change is the improvement on the loading times of GIFs, with the animated pictures now loading "super fast."

GIFs have become one of the more popular ways for users to communicate on the Internet, with the animated pictures often providing comic relief. While the GIFs previously loaded slowly on the Imgur Android app, the picture-sharing service said that this is no longer the case and that GIFs will now load quickly on the app.

The changes were mentioned by Imgur through a post on the company's official blog. The post was even accompanied with a GIF cartoon featuring a character named Winston Searchill, who was asked by a girl for pictures of puppies. What happens next in the cartoon, however, is something that is better left for users to see themselves.

In addition to the search bar and the improvement to GIF load times, the updated Imgur Android app has other changes such as redesigned progiles to make them "shiny," clarified and improved prompts for signing in and creating new Imgur accounts, and accessing notifications for comments now direct to the user to the comment itself, as opposed to previously only loading up the thread.

The updated Imgur app for Android is now available as an update to users or through the Google Play Store.

Earlier in the year, Imgur released a tool that made it easier for bloggers and publishers to use images and GIFs on the service in the content that they create. The embedding function works similar to how users embed videos from YouTube into sites such as blogs.

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