A new half-hour, live-action, single-camera comedy show is in the works, and it has already received a pilot commitment with ABC. The series is based on Marvel Comics' "Damage Control."

The comics is about Damage Control, a construction and demolition company in the Marvel Universe that makes money by cleaning up the mess left by fighting superheroes. It first appeared in the "Marvel Age Annual" in 1988 as a four-page story. A serialized story was published in the anthology comic "Marvel Comics Presents #19" the following year.

Dwayne McDuffie co-created the concept with artist Ernie Colon. McDuffie initially pitched the comics as a "sitcom within the Marvel Universe." Four "Damage Control" limited series have been published to date.

Main characters include Ann-Marie Hoag, Hercules, Robin Chapel, Albert Cleary, John Porter, Bart Rozum and Eugene "Gene" Strausser. In the fictional biography, Damage Control is founded by Hoag. The company was originally owned by Wilson Fisk and Tony Stark. Headquartered in New York's Flatiron Building, it specializes in repairing the property damage caused by conflicts between superheroes and supervillains.

The employees at Damage Control have had their share of, well, damage controlling. Their professional roles include having been in the middle of a Vault breakout, confronting Doctor Doom, being threatened by the Punished, fighting alongside the X-Men, rubbing shoulders with the New Warriors and being menaced by The Hulk.

On the bright side, these professional development opportunities would look good on their resume.

The "Damage Control" TV series was developed by Emmy-winning writer of "Modern Family" and executive producer of "The Daily Show" Ben Karlin. He will co-produce "Damage Control" along with David Miner and Marvel head of television Jeph Loeb, reports say.

This comedy series venture is predictable for both ABC and Marvel, given their success in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." as well as "Agent Carter." This partnership has a few tricks up its sleeve including the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." spin-off "Marvel's Most Wanted," which centers on Adrianne Palicki's character Mockingbird and Nick Blood's Lance Hunter.

"Damage Control" does not stand alone as television's only superhero comedy, as reports claim that NBC is also in the works with a DC Comics workplace comedy called "Powerless."

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