That livestream Ubisoft has been broadcasting since yesterday? It's for a new edition of Far Cry, but it's probably not Far Cry 5.

It's called Far Cry Primal, and it takes the popular shooter franchise back to the stone age — literally. According to Kotaku, it's going to revolve around prehistoric conflict, largely against extinct animals like sabretooth tigers and woolly mammoths.

The hype began yesterday with a live YouTube broadcast of a cave painting, with a fire burning just out of view. The painting was a minimalist representation of a prehistoric warrior holding a bow and spear. A few sound effects could be heard, like the threatening growl of a large animal, and some kind of human vocal sounds. However, that was it. All Ubisoft would say about it was the tagline, "Survival is timeless," along with a tease that an announcement would be coming soon.

This leak appears to have stolen Ubisoft's thunder, as IGN Turkey first published the game's title. Meanwhile, the livestream has zoomed out to show many more characters on the cave wall, including a number of animals, human characters, locations and a few rudimentary structures. Each item probably serves as some kind of tease for what's to come, so you should check it out if you're interested ... especially since the images now come to life and fight each other every couple of minutes.

Kotaku believes that Far Cry Primal will be an off-year game, with Far Cry 5 still to come. However, that's probably just a guess. Wouldn't it be so much more interesting if Primal was Far Cry 5, signaling a new direction for the franchise where varying time periods are explored?

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