When Microsoft announced that the $250 Halo 5 Collector's Edition, which comes with a statue, steelbook case and more, would ship with a digital code for the game, some hardcore fans were more than a little upset.

Microsoft reasoned that by issuing digital copies of the game and releasing the Collector's Edition a week early, fans would be able to pre-install Halo 5 and have it ready to go as soon as the clock struck Oct. 27. While that is still the plan, backlash against the inclusion of a digital copy with the collector's edition has caused Microsoft to provide a disc-based option for those players who would rather go physical.

If you want to trade your collector's edition digital game code for a disc, you'll first need to contact Microsoft's support page and get in contact with a support agent. Once you tell the agent you are looking to exchange your digital Halo 5 code, you will supply the agent with your Xbox Live gamertag, the digital game code and your shipping address.

Microsoft will then mail a disc version of Halo 5 to your door, free of charge. That sounds good in theory, but the only problem is that these discs won't be arriving until three to five business days after the game releases. You can't play the digital version while you wait, either, as once the code is redeemed, you are ineligible for the swap.

The offer to trade is only available from Oct. 20 to Nov. 1, so if you do want a disc, don't wait around to make up your mind. While it's nice to see Microsoft responding to its fans, it's hard to imagine that anybody is going to be pleased by having to wait three days in order to play the game they've been waiting years for.

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