Amazon Takes A Jab At Oracle With Newly Beefed-Up Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services, Amazon's cloud platform established in 2006, is almost a decade old, and so Amazon thinks that now is the time for AWS to be launched in a much bigger scale and cover more of the cloud market.

At Amazon's re:Invent conference last week, Amazon made it clear that it will be expanding AWS and offering better alternatives for businesses that are currently subscribed to data solutions from the "old-guard" providers, which is a reference to Oracle.

"Two of the fastest-growing services in the history of AWS is Amazon Redshift, which is our data warehouse service, and Amazon Aurora, which is our database engine that we announced last year at re:Invent," said Andy Jassy, AWS head, in an interview with CNBC. "Both of those databases are at least as performing as the 'old-guard' commercial-grade databases but at a tenth of the cost of those 'old-guard' providers."

Jassy added that the adoption and traction of both services are astounding. He also noted that database space is one of the slowest facets of the technology industry in terms of moving into the cloud. The AWS head elaborates that the slow migration to cloud-based database solutions means that a lot of clients are still paying high prices for database space and services from the old-guard providers.

Futhermore, Jassy highlights that AWS has "doubled down" on database space throughout the recent years. He also explained that the company's new offerings are very scalable, flexible and cost-effective since they've been built around the cloud.

"Our goal is to have every company run all of their businesses and all of their applications on top of our technology infrastructure platform," Jassy concluded.

AWS has over a million active clients. It is projected to rake in $7 billion of revenue for 2015 with a billion coming just from its database service offerings.

Recently, AWS has also launched QuickSight, a business intelligence or data analytics service that grants customers a graphic visualization of data.

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