Back in September, Apple hinted at the arrival of Facebook Messenger on the Apple Watch. Now, Messenger has finally made the jump into the Apple device, making it possible for users to send voice clips, likes, stickers and more.

Facebook, billed as the world's top social networking site, quietly rolled out the Facebook Messenger app on Apple's wearable via an update it released Thursday, Oct. 8.

The updated Messenger app supports the latest version of Apple's software for the Apple Watch, watchOS2.

This app is specifically beneficial when a user gets a message coming from a friend when in transit. Rather than getting the phone from the bag, a user can promptly send out a reply by making use of Messenger integrated into Apple Watch.

While users can't type in full replies to messages, they can select from a listing of predetermined answers, post stickers, like, send their location as well as record voice messages with the use of the wearable's built-in microphone. In addition, users can check out voice messages and photos.

However, the app is not going to support animated GIFs and animated stickers on the Apple Watch. When a user gets these GIFs and stickers, these will show up as static images on the app.

The updated app is now available for download in the iTunes store.

The update comes with additional support for iOS 9 features, including multitasking and universal search for iPads.

"You can now use Messenger on watchOS 2. Send and receive voice clips, Likes, stickers and more. With iOS 9, you can now find Messenger contacts and conversations from your phone's search screen, and access Messenger from the list of multi-tasking apps on your iPad," reads the product description of the updated app, referring to what's new on version 38.0.

The app's support for the multitasking features in iOS 9 are able to keep interactions going between users, for instance, while browsing the Internet or watching a film.

In March, Apple also hinted at the coming of a watch version of the main Facebook app. The company has yet to push out details on this version of the app.

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