Three sequels to Avatar are on the way. Three.

James Cameron's mega-franchise was born out of his 2009 film, a landmark in 3D photography and motion-capture CGI, which became the highest-grossing movie of all time. It's such a big deal that Disney is adding an "Avatar Land" to its Animal Kingdom park in Florida.

So, it comes as no surprise that as production prepares to ramp up (it's in pre-production right now for a 2017 release), tie-in product plans are being made. One of the first was just announced today at New York Comic Con. Dark Horse Comics, which has worked with Cameron in the past on comics set in his Terminator, Aliens and The Abyss universes, will publish Avatar comics in conjunction with Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment.

Apparently, even four movies can't contain all of the stories that Cameron wants to tell from Pandora, so these comics will reveal new aspects of the mythology and world-building behind Avatar. Its stories will be set from time periods before, during and after the first movie and provide all new adventures for fans of the lush alien world.

No writer(s) or artist(s) have been announced for the Avatar comics just yet, but Dark Horse has scheduled the title for a 2016 debut. As Cameron said in the announcement, his partnership with Dark Horse represents a 10-year deal.

Below, you can watch the video message recorded by Cameron on the set of Avatar 2 and shown today at New York Comic Con, announcing the comics. Beneath that, you'll find the first artwork produced by Dark Horse to promote Avatar, which may or may not be the cover to issue #1.

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